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4 tips to have great sex right from your first night

4 tips to have great sex right from your first night

A lot of people would nod to the fact that this is a topic that should be discussed in hushed tones and behind closed doors. But most of the Indians, who are sceptical of their first night post their wedding are willing to talk about it in order to learn more about it.

A lot of people might not be sexually active when they get married and are saving themselves up for their ultimate soul mate. Now, the real talking begins when you have tied the knot, the vows have been read, the nuptials have been said and you are officially pronounced man and wife. After all the traditions and rituals that get over, you hit your bedroom where your spouse is waiting for you. But what next?!



Gear up for the D-day

Being a virgin and not being sexually active is not the worst thing that could happen to you. Its great that you want your first time to be special and with someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with. In fact, it makes perfect sense!

However, let’s not deviate from the topic that you need information. Sex education in India is a taboo and is restricted to flowers mating. So, you don’t know much about the male and female genitila until you enter the bedroom in a 25 kg wedding trousseau! No one knows how to remove that sexy lacy red hot bra without getting all awkward and weird.

Fret not, we’ll let you know the know-how of it all!

1.   Talk

This is one thing you are not supposed to skip. Talk to your partner before marriage, get to know them. Make sure they get to know you. Talk to them about their past experiences and don’t shy away from it. Sex is just a normal need as any other and needs no frowning upon. Talk to your partner about it before you step into the bedroom with a confused look. Talk about what expectations you both have of each other and talk about if they are even practical or not. Take notes of little things; figure out what they like and this could help you make the first night memorable for the both of you. Not only will talking make you comfortable but it will ease things between you both.

2.   Wear sexy lingerie

Since you already are dressed in your wedding finery, there’s no point in taking time to dress for your partner because you already are shining with all that make up and jewellery. However, you can pay attention to other important aspects of your appearance. Make sure you are wearing the sexiest lingerie you can wear. Please take a note that it should be comfortable because it’s your wedding and you need to be standing in public for hours. Even then, wear  hot pair of lingerie in bold colours to turn him on. You want it to be baby doll or teddy lingerie is totally up to you.

3.   Pay attention to personal grooming

This actually goes unsaid. When you are gearing up for your wedding day, you are getting yourself waxed and clean. Make sure you make it a Brazilian wax appointment for your genitilia to be clean and up & ready to receive some action! You could trim your body hair for a more enhanced experience. Personal grooming should not be unforeseen.

4.   Make a mood

Yes, there is an overtly decorated bed and no, it’s not enough. The fact that there are rose petals on the bed that could get into some really weird parts of your body is not a cool idea.

Alternately, you could set the mood in the bedroom in a lot of different ways. You could light T-light candles in different corners for a special effect. You definitely should spray room freshener in all parts of the room and in fact put potpourri in a bowl for freshness. Put out the good bed sheets for the bed to look inviting and fill it with throw pillows. Also, you could set slow music for your partner to get into the groove of it.


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