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4 things to do with your partner on a holiday apart from sex

4 things to do with your partner on a holiday apart from sex

Spending days together with your partner without having to follow your routine is an absolute bliss. No matter how many vacations you have spent together in the past, each new holiday is a chance to rediscover your partner in a new light and rekindle the passions.

If you want to make your next couple vacation special but do not want vacation sex to be the only thing on your bucket list, read to find out what else you can do with your partner on a vacation.

Plan for a couple massage

When on a vacation, pamper yourself. And what’s better than having professional spa and massage therapists to have at your disposal. Lie side-by-side with your partner in a relaxed and invigorating ambience and feel comfort, pleasure and relaxation. Massage open up body pores and take away all the stress making you and your partner ready to do something adventurous on a vacation.


If you are going on a natural recluse and have booked a resort suite, you can move out at night in the open and lie down in the gardens together to stargaze and talk your heart out. This will not only relieve you of tensions but might also give your partner a chance to discuss important things that he might not be able to talk about in the monotony of life. Have a deep conversation under the skies to reinvent your bond and love like never before


If you are going on a vacation to some beautiful destination, photography is one thing you will definitely enjoy. Grab a camera and go on a trek with your partner on the uncharted path to discover new things about the place and record the same in the form of beautiful photographs. Creativity will help you both to relax and forget about your routine life and enjoy more while on a vacation.

Visit a theme park or a water park

Doing something childish like enjoying adventure rides will surely pump up the fun. If you are looking to spice things up, you can take your partner to a waterpark and show some moves in the waters to attract him with your curvaceous body. Instead of just making moves in sexy nightwear, you can choose a costume to walk hand-in-hand with your partner in the water park where he will feel proud of your beauty.

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