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4 Hot Gestures to Celebrate a Special Night

4 Hot Gestures to Celebrate a Special Night

Special occasions call for special celebrations, don’t they? There’s a reason to why they are special- they come rarely and come attached with a mandatory celebratory note attached to them. It hard to have a special day in your life that you don’t celebrate when you have the means.

And it doesn’t matter whether you share this special day with someone or not; it already has a meaning to you and is close to your heart. However, when you share this special day with some other person than you, the meaning it holds becomes manifolds and results into ecstasy.

There might be days like Birthdays and first job and retirements and promotions that might be special to you; but there are other occasions that are more special than this. Here, we are talking about wedding anniversaries, engagements, and first date memoirs. All these hold a special meaning, have fond memories attached to them and always bring a smile on your face when you think about them.

Go beyond just sex

And when we talk about celebrations between couples, how can we forget the fact that the real celebration between couples starts in the bedroom! The events like dinner, shopping or a movie are just highlights to celebrate the memorable day; but the real deal is the bedroom.

Mind it, celebrations in the bedroom go beyond just sex. There is a way to make the date memorable and it is way more than just getting physical with your partner. And we tell you how.

1.   Wear a great dress

The first thing that your partner is going to see is how you look. Do away with the daily jeans and skirts and bring out the dress that lies in the back of your closet. Better, invest in a hot red coloured bodycon dress that he is going to love as soon as he sees it. This will bring out your curves and make you look like a goddess. There is a 100% surety that he is going to love you for doing this.

2.   Do a strip show

They say men love women in lingerie. Its true. But what’s truer is the facts that men love watching women take off lingerie. Anyway, sexy panties have the power to make men salivate to the sight of you. So, do a strip show for him. Sure, there is nothing that he has not seen; but this is a fun way to set a mood and get to the point where he cannot keep his hands off you.

3.   Send him sultry texts

Special days do not mean not going out or not working. Anyway, you are going to celebrate it out in the night time! So, between the day time, make sure you send him horny texts and sexy pictures of you. Do this at equal intervals so he comes out with the fact that he wants more. It could be a picture of your red coloured, sexy bra, or anything. And finally, let all break out in the night when you both are home.

4.   Do something with the room

You got give the room a celebratory feel to it as well. Not only will this help your room look warm and welcoming to your partner, it will also be a very romantic gesture that they are going to love. You could put rose petals in the room and on the bed and light scented candles for a sexy mood to be set. For an added feel, you could put fairy lights on top of your bed and switch all other lights off to create a special effect. Play some slow music and you’re good to go!

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