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3 ways to make your husband crave for you on anniversary night

3 ways to make your husband crave for you on anniversary night

No matter how long you have been together, anniversaries will always remain special. Anniversaries remind you of the beautiful memories you share, the hard times you faced together and the romance that you have experienced. So, if you want to make this anniversary night special for your husband and want him to crave for you, let us help you with these tips:

Flaunt your curves & entice him to make out with you

Shed off your shyness and let him come face to face with your bold side. When he comes home after a tiring day, treat him with your sexy moves and flaunt your curves as you move around your bedroom or kitchen. Entice him to get close to you and when you see passion in his eyes, allow him to make out with you right then and there- be it a couch or the dining table.

Dress up like a newlywed on honeymoon

The dress you will end up in will define how special the night can be. So instead of just ending up in a plain night dress, put in some effort to buy special honeymoon lingerie for your anniversary night. You can also choose to combine a sexy lingerie with sexy panties to end up as a newlywed bride ready for some action. Let him explore you through his eyes and allow his hormones to steam up everything between you two.

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Take charge and lead the way

Instead of giving him everything at the first encounter, tease him with your actions and words. Take charge of the situation and lead the way, giving him a chance to enjoy the scene. Show some naughtiness and give him an idea what is in store for him. As he begins to enjoy everything you do, move to the next level and see his face glow in satisfaction.


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