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3 unique ways to keep your passion alive when your partner travels a lot

3 unique ways to keep your passion alive when your partner travels a lot

You might be in a very romantic relationship. But still can sometimes feel that something is amiss in your relationship. This can be because your partner is bound by his professional commitments and travels a lot every month. He is rarely at home with you and whenever he is home, he is too tired to get engaged in any action. If you are worried about how to maintain passion in your fading relationship, explore some tips to make up for away time and ignite the lost spark in your relationship.

Maintaining the romantic spark while in a monotonous routine can be quite challenging. You can try to improvise your routines or can adopt the following unique methods to keep the passion alive, even when your partner is away on a business trip:

  • Use the power of technology to stay connected

The biggest boon of technological advancement is that a person can be contacted anytime, anywhere. You can take advantage of this aspect to fill in minor details about your routine and interact with your partner while he is away. This will keep him updated about your life and desires while convincing him that he really means everything to you and you miss him a lot. Facetime, Skype, Facebook and a lot of other tools offer multiple ways to stay connected. Mix and match for the best experience for you and your partner.

  • Get naughty with some kinky stuff whenever he is home

You should explore the naughty path whenever he is home. Find beautiful and kinky baby doll dresses online and choose some sensual baby doll nighties for making him attracted towards you at night. Pump up the heat and revive lost spark by flaunting your curves in bed and he will feel the heat and get in mood. Babydoll nightwear come in multiple colors and sizes and you can awaken his desires and make him feel loved at night after a tiring travel routine.

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  • Leave romantic hints & messages in his travel bag

One amazing trick to make your partner feel loved even when he is out is dropping kinky hints and romantic messages in his travel bags and luggage. He will love the surprises and will surely miss the passion and bond you share. When he is back, he will not only acknowledge your gestures but also will make a move to get passionate and love you like never before.


Not every time your partner will be in a mood to respond to your moves but through constant reminders and acts, he will get engrossed and get passionate like he used to during the early days of a relationship. Just ensure you do not make him feel suffocated because of your desires and he will surely make you feel special even when he is busy travelling.

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