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3 things you should always do after having sex

3 things you should always do after having sex

Sex can be an extremely satisfying experience for a woman. Everything might appear irrelevant after a hot and steamy session with your partner. But if you want to enjoy the pleasures of sex for a lifetime, you need to develop a post-sex routine that should be focused on maintaining good hygiene, down there. Make sure you always perform the following rituals after having sex with your partner.

Clean out with water and non-fragrant soap

Sex can be dirty and messy at times. This increases chances of bacterial infection down there. If you want to avoid such a scenario, just use plain water and a non-fragrant soap to clean yourself. Dab the area with a wet towel and ensure that you are clean from the outside. As your private parts have its own internal cleaning cycle, all you need to care about is the exterior cleaning.

Soak yourself in the bathtub

If you want to really extend the pleasure while keeping your hygiene intact, getting into a bathtub with warm water can help you hydrate the outer skin of your private parts. If you want to eliminate any irritation caused due to the act, add few drops of coconut oil to the bathtub and soak yourself in.

Consume plenty of water

Sex can dehydrate an individual just like an exercise. Rigorous physical activity can make your mouth dry so make sure you have plenty of water to help you hydrate your body. Also, when you drink water, you will feel like peeing that will flush out harmful UTI-causing bacteria from the vaginal passage.


So now that you know what to do to avoid chances of an infection and restore vaginal hygiene, how about thinking for the next round of pleasure with your partner? Don’t forget to buy kinky honeymoon lingerie or sexy panties to make the act more exciting for your partner. So, why wait. Buy sexy lingerie from Kamuklife, now.



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