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3 sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

3 sex mistakes men make and how to avoid them

 Giving your partner the pleasure of great sex is a virtue. But in a hurry to make things happen, men often forget the basics and make some mistakes. Over time, if these mistakes are not rectified, there can be a growing discord between couples owing to lack of communication and sexual dissatisfaction. If you are the one who wants to know the most common sex mistakes and are looking to avoid them, we have you sorted.

  • Making assumption regarding her desires

There is no denying the fact that men are egoistic and boastful. They believe they know everything and take pride in all of their acts. Similar is the case with sexual activities. A man generally thinks that whatever he does is desired by his partner and do not make an effort to ask her what she wants.

These assumptions lead to dissatisfaction on part of women. If you want that your partner enjoys the act as much as you do, start asking for directions and don’t be afraid to ask what she is looking for. This will not only enhance the mutual pleasure, but make the act much more interesting.

  • Sticking to rigid plans

You might have thought something for the night. Maybe using sex accessories and toys to enhance the pleasure. But sticking to your plans every time may not work in your favor. Sex therapists reveal that a woman gets turned on differently every time depending on their mood and monthly cycles. Instead of sticking to your regular plans, try doing things differently and keep a check on her responses to make things better in bed.

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  • Keeping everything strictly physical

Instead of just rushing to the mains, spend some time at the starters. Foreplay for women is as important as the main act. Sometimes, it is even more pleasurable than the real act. And foreplay is just not limited to physical stimulation, mental factors play their part in arousing a woman.

Just like your passions soar by what you see, women love the idea of imagining and revealing their wild fantasies. So, instead of just getting physical, ask her about her wild fantasies or share a sexy memory to make her more involved next time.

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Don’t just stay the same. Keep surprising her with new experiments and new techniques. If you are short of ideas, make sure to browse our blog for hot tips and best positions to try with your partner.

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