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3 Kamasutra Positions that would excite your partner's senses

3 Kamasutra Positions that would excite your partner's senses

Kamasutra is the ancient science of pleasure. Often associated with sexual positions, Kamasutra lays down the basic principles of a relationship between a man and woman and enlightens a person on how to give his partner the maximum pleasure.

Having sexual passion in a relationship is essential and if you keep igniting the passion with experimentation, it keeps on nourishing you for life. If you are bored of the monotony of your bedroom life and feel passions are fading away, we bring you three interesting Kamasutra positions that would definitely help you to excite your partner’s senses.

  • Gemini

This position is known to heighten the pleasure to double and promise immense delight both for you and your partner. To try out this position during your next session, sit on a flat surface with your legs outstretched, as shown in the picture. Your partner will sit facing you and spread her legs on the hips, bending her knees. Support yourself using your hands and tightly hug your partner while giving soft blows. Your partner will moan in pleasure once you gain rhythm making the whole atmosphere extremely sensual.

  • Eagle


Make your woman lie on her back and raise her legs while spreading them. Hang over her while keeping your feet together and let her keep her legs near your elbows to give her access to your buttocks. Top up sensual touches with rhythmic movements and see how your partner’s excited body gives you a thrilling reaction every time you make your move. Continue your pace and see your partner drown in carnal pleasures that will intensify her love for you.



  • Liana

Absorb your partner in your grip and let her hear the sound of your pumping heart and excited breaths. Squat and rise on your tiptoes while allowing your partner to sit on your hips. Ask her to give way for your tool to complete the job and hug her tightly. Coil together and make her feel the penetrations while kissing her deep to make her crave for more and more till she gets exhausted.



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