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3 interesting things to try out with your partner

3 interesting things to try out with your partner

When everything appears dull, it is your responsibility to spice things, even in bed. If you are bored of the old, conventional way of making love, we bring to your three interesting positions that you can try with your partner and enjoy lovemaking with a newfound passion.


When you are tired of the usual classic options, this position will serve as a breath of fresh air. Even when your partner is not open to experimenting, this position can do wonders. You just have to ask your partner to lie on her back with legs raised to maximum height. You start the action by standing up on your feet with one leg straight and other bent at knee. Place your partner’s one leg at the shoulder and second one to press the body. Ask her to hold your knee with her hand while you hold her foot and start the action, right where it matters the most. True enchantment is the feeling you will experience and the same applies to your partner, too.



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When you crave for each other’s body and scent, this position can work wonders. To start, you can lie on your back with your legs bent at your knees. Bring your knees close to the body while spreading your legs widely. Your woman partner will come into the scene at this point and stand at her knees while placing herself between your legs. At the same time, ask her to spread her legs and place hands on your chest to support her weight. Ask her to lean in and put your ankles on her buttocks and catch her close to hear passionate breaths and erotic scents.





Rolling close to your partner is a feeling you will never want to forget. This position will make you feel extreme pleasures while keeping her close. Lie down on your back and lift your head up. Bend your legs at knees just like the picture and ask your partner to come sit on top while stretching the arms forward. Place your hands on her waist and get caught in the action while kissing her with all the passion you can think of showering on her.






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