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3 first night lingerie myths, debunked!

3 first night lingerie myths, debunked!

Wedding night is deemed to be the most special nights of one’s lifetime. When stakes are high on a special occasion such as a wedding night, you are bound to be surrounded by a number of myths. Let us demystify the common first-night myths and help you make the first experience, together much more memorable.

It is important for to be completely comfortable on your first night with your partner. And for this, all you need is to listen to your heart instead of listening to peers or thinking of traditions. Let us look at the three most common first-night myths you always believed, but are not true.

Myth 1: You have to wear a usual pair of undergarments

With changing wedding traditions and situations, everything has become different. Back in days, people used to celebrate the first night together after being tired from ceremonies and relatives. So they ended up retiring in beds with a usual pair of undergarments. With personalized wedding experiences in modern times, a couple is left with dedicated time to celebrate first night together. This makes it possible for a bride to choose a sexy lingerie for the first night.

The lingerie set will not only serve as a great icebreaker but will also be an essential honeymoon lingerie you will need during your honeymoon.

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Myth 2: You need to wear lingerie matching with your wedding dress for the first night

It is a common notion to match up lingerie with wedding attire for the wedding night. Though that is a good idea, but not every time you will be convinced with the options available in a particular color. You might want to wear something that is more seductive. You can definitely choose to explore your options and choose a sexy lingerie or sexy panties in bright red, white, black or any other color that fuels your sex appeal. All you need to make your wedding night memorable is a sexy lingerie in an attractive color.

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Myth 3: You are required to stay conventional

This is indeed the biggest myth surrounding the first-night preparation. As a girl, you should always be conventional in approach, stay a bit subtle in your moves and let your better half take charge. This is completely an absurd myth. As a healthy male, even your better half will have expectations when it comes to first night. He would love to see you in your form and want you to delight him with your moves. You can think of something unique like wearing a night glow sexy lingerie or grab hold of teddy lingerie for an exciting first night.

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Do not listen to everyone when it comes to your relationship. Always hear your heart and be bold to make your partner fall completely in love with you. With all these myths bunked now, you can head over to www.kamuklife.com for your honeymoon lingerie shopping.

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