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3 Erotic Vacation Ideas your Partner will Love you for

3 Erotic Vacation Ideas your Partner will Love you for

Planning a surprise erotic vacation can revive the lost spark in a relationship. If you also feel that your daily routine is not leaving you with enough time with your partner, you should think of eloping with your partner to a vacation resort where you both can enjoy each other’s company without worrying about the world. If you are looking for some erotic ideas for your next vacation, we have you covered.

Choose a honeymoon suite & surprise her with a kinky gift

No matter if you are planning a trip to celebrate an occasion or not, you should make her feel special at every step. Instead of going to a bustling tourist spot, choose a calm holiday resort and book a honeymoon couple’s suite instead of just a normal room. You would be surprised how this gesture works on your girl and she would definitely reward you with the naughtiest memories.

If you want to make this more erotic, plan a surprise gift with a kinky touch. You can gift her a sexy honeymoon lingerie as soon as you reach your suite and give her a hint of what is next to come.

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  • Skip the sightseeing & take her to a secluded beach instead

Ditch the seriousness once you are on a vacation. Remember, you are there to celebrate your bond and revive the lost spark, not to see tourist places. Instead of taking her on a guided tour, take her to a secluded beach or a lonely trek where you get a chance to be naughty and make her feel loved. Don’t feel shy to make out in the open if you are confident no one is around. This will definitely turn her on and make her want more when you reach back in your suite.

Indulge in sexy adult games at night

If you want to make your nights steamy, you can plan for a sexy adult board game or game or cards with kinky rules. Ask her to strip down every time she loses or goes ahead by making a move yourself. When you play a naughty game of cards you give her a chance to flaunt her body in sexy lingerie. Not only such games will enhance your pleasure but will make sure to turn your nights memorable than ever.


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