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17 Ideas to Increase Naughtiness While On Holiday

17 Ideas to Increase Naughtiness While On Holiday

There are more ways to bond with your lover than having sex on the beach. In fact, there are countless better, legal, and less messy ways to increase intimacy and have fun with your lover. But first, let’s be honest with ourselves. When you travel as a couple, the goal of the trip isn’t just to see a famous landmark or check a destination off your travel list.

It’s also to create new experiences together, learn more about one another, and have some laughs and fun. If you also have some mind-blowing sex along the way, then kudos to you. Intimacy comes in various forms and sexy doesn’t always have to be straight up sex.

So if this is your first time going abroad together or you’re still new to traveling as a couple, then here are 17 ideas (other than the missionary position) to heighten the love between you two.

  • Do Something Challenging Together — Overcoming a great feat or obstacle is a great way to bring a couple closer. This is also a good time to find out how you two work as a team and handle problems. Some trip ideas might include scaling a mountain, camping and hiking, deep sea diving, sailing lessons, or trekking through the forest.
  • Get Drunk Together — When you and your partner first met, chances are you drank a lot more. But now that you’ve both settled into your routines, live together, and spend a lot of time at work, the drinking has probably subsided. We’re not advocating binge drinking as a regular thing but sometimes it’s nice just to get wasted together and do silly things.
  • Keep The Trip Short — If a trip is too long it can get stressful and without a tight deadline, neither of you will be as likely to actually go out and do things together. Believe it or not, procrastination can happen while on holiday. The ideal trip time is 3 to 4 days. That’s more than enough time to have fun, do some crazy things, and then come home without sacrificing too much in terms of time and money.
  • Couple’s Massage — It feels good and there’s a good chance you can do it in the steam room when the massage therapist isn’t around.
  • Throw Perfection Out The Door — Life isn’t perfect and neither will your holiday. Laugh off any trivial troubles and move on. Don’t obsess over the hotel room or the complimentary breakfast. Move on and enjoy each other instead.
  • Be Spontaneous — Part of the excitement of being with a new person is spontaneity and novelty. Just because you’re married or have been with each other for a decade is no excuse to throw these two things out the door. Traveling is the perfect opportunity for spontaneous and novel experiences. Embrace and welcome them. Do things you normally wouldn’t.
  • Order Room Service & Spend The Day In — Sleep in, have sex, watch bad TV, have one too many mimosas, and order room service all day long. Cap it off by taking a hot bath together.
  • Dine At Fancy Restaurants & Hole-In-The-Walls — Upscale, romantic dinners are nice. They make you feel like classy adults. But after two or three of those dinners, things get old, which is why you need to balance that with street food and hole-in-the-wall joints. Part of the fun is looking for these places together and the eating, guaranteed, will be an adventure on its own.
  • Bathroom Sex — Hotel bathrooms are usually really nice, include huge marble bath tubs, steam up pretty easily, and have massive mirrors. Perfect for sexy time.
  • Secret Messages — The next time you take a hot shower, write a sweet message in the mirror. Or scare them by writing, “MURDER”. You’re never too old to play a prank on someone.
  • Have Flowers Sent To The Hotel Room — Surprise your partner by having flowers sent to the hotel room along with some champagne and chocolates. Your lover will immediately think you’re a baller, shot caller.
  • Make An Adventure Out Of Small Tasks — Everything is infinitely more fun when you’re on holiday. Turn small tasks, such as going for ice cream, buying post cards, or shopping for wine, into an adventure instead of a chore.
  • Stock Surprises In The Mini Bar — Bring your lover’s favorite chocolates, candies, chips, and snacks in secret. When they’re not looking, stock them in the mini bar and surprise them.
  • Role Play — Meet at the hotel lobby with your alter egos ready. Make up elaborate back stories and pretend you’re meeting for the first time on a secret government mission or sleeping with the enemy.
  • Elope — If marriage has been on the table for some time or you’re already engaged, this would be a completely spontaneous and ridiculous way to get married. Go find the local priest, judge, or commissioner of oaths and get hitched.
  • Skinny Dip — Book a hotel room with your own private pool, such as Pavilions Phuket, where you can run around naked the entire time and tan in the buff.
  • Budget Well — Nothing kills the romance faster than arguing over money. Before the trip starts, agree on what the budget will be and how much each person will contribute financially. Your version of luxury might also be very different from his or hers.

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