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15 Things You Can Do to Up Your Bedroom-Game

15 Things You Can Do to Up Your Bedroom-Game

Having a happening sex life is a dream for many. While people have vivid fantasies, they often lack the ability to take an initiative for spicing up their sex life. Here are 10 things you can do to add a naughty tinge to your bedroom life.

You might have been with your partner for years and still not be satisfied. This might be because of your partner’s disinterest or even your lack of imagination. In this blog, we will provide 10 tips to amp up your game and get greater level of satisfaction, while in bed. So, here we go:

  • Be kinky and indulge in sexting

Who said bedroom life should be limited to just bedroom? While it’s a great idea to enjoy private moments in bed, there is a lot you can do in your routine to rack up your partner’s imagination. Send them a naughty text or something kinky during the day and see how you get rewarded in bed.

  • Tease and seduce

Tease your partner with a naughty one-liner and keep them imagining what’s in store for them. Resist softly to build up sexual tension. But don’t overdo the resistance or you might not get a chance to have a lovely night.

  • Be vocal and let your fantasies out

Ask for sexual favors, bluntly. Let your partner know what’s on your mind and tell explicitly what you want. If something turns you on, let him know. Moan, be responsive and even whisper naughty things in his ears and see him giving you much more attention and a great sexperience.

  • Live your fantasies while in bed

Don’t be shy in bed. Speak up and tell your partner about your kinkiest desires and naughty fantasies. Seduce him into making them come to life and live your fantasies with your partner.

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  • Don’t rush but savor

Don’t just make your night a classic ‘bam-bam thank-you-ma’am’ experience. Instead, get down and indulge in steamy foreplay. You can make out with your partner, kiss them all over or give him/her chills down the spine by touching at the right place at the right time. Get steamy, erotic, passionate and cherish your kinky togetherness.

  • Don’t just be vocal, be oral, too

Don’t just say, do something, too. While you might feel shy or uncomfortable going down under, you would love how it fares out in the end. Wetness is a turn-off said no women ever. So, don’t hesitate to take your partner on a joyride while you get ready for the actual action.

  • Be more creative before choosing the missionary style

In the land of Kamasutra, don’t bore your partner with the same old Missionary position. Take some time out to learn more about sexual positions and give them a shot, the next time you have sex. Your partner will truly enjoy the energy and passion and would love you more, for sure.

  • Don’t be Hasty… Remember Haste is Waste!

Enjoy and relish every moment that you have sex. Don’t rush into things, you don’t have a train to catch. Try it out the slower way, and see how your bodies rhythmically fine-tune. Your senses will heighten when you go slowly, and you will really feel the erotic fire.

  • Set Some Naughty Rules

When you have a bedroom with all the privacy in the world, why shy away. Set some ground rules like no-clothes-allowed after 11 or something kinkier that spikes your sexual imagination. Get your partner in a discussion and right those rules right now.

  • Give them a surprise

Never take your partner and the joys of having sex for granted. Always appreciate your partner’s presence in your life and surprise him/her. This can be on a special occasion or you can make every day special with small gestures like kissing him/her impromptu. Don’t plan but be spontaneous in everything you do and see how it excites your partner.

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  • Be imaginative and find something kinky

It can be anything like ice in your freezer or the Nutella spread. The aim is to excite and rouse up the senses. You can even think of buying a sex toy or some naughty tools of love to give your sex life a jumpstart.

  • Watch a naughty flick together

When was the last time you sat down with your partner to watch a dirty movie? You don’t remember. Mind you, you are missing a lot of action if you don’t do this. Not only such acts would turn you both on, but will give you more ideas to plan something erotic.

  • Role play is lover’s best friend

You can find role play costumes and give him a chance to fulfill his kinky fantasies. Be a naughty nurse, devil or a dirty strip dancer. Be creative and get those adrenaline levels rushing up the sky.

  • If you live alone, move over the cliché

Who says you can only have sex in the bedroom? Try out having a naughty session in the kitchen, do something on the couch. Just head outside the bedroom and see yourself and your partner become more excited than before.

  • Take a shower together

Showering together is a great act. You might not be used to it or feel shy but try it out. Plan it or enter the bathroom to surprise your partner. You will love the experience and see how things pan out.

Now that you have these great tips to spice up your sex life, plan something right now and make your night more memorable. Don’t forget to visit www.kamuklife.com for more ideas and the tools to make things naughty.


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