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10 Non-Sexual Gestures to Increase the Intimacy Quotient of Your Relationship

10 Non-Sexual Gestures to Increase the Intimacy Quotient of Your Relationship

Intimacy doesn’t just encompass physical closeness. To make a relationship work, it is essential to feel connected at a deeper level. Let’s help you grow intimacy in your relationship with these 10 tips.


Intimacy is a complex phenomenon. Even the most cherished couples fail to feel the deep connection that keeps things alive. Lack of intimacy between couples can lead to a feeling of aloofness and indifference. Building up intimacy can make a relationship more fulfilling for both the partners.

Intimacy is said to be the foundation of any romantic relationship and is critical for its success. Couples who are not intimate or don’t understand its importance often end up in a toxic relationship. For a relationship to survive the test of time, increasing the intimacy quotient is extremely essential. But who said that sex only can help you grow intimacy. Well, there are a lot of things that can boost intimacy between couples. To help you with it, we are enlisting 10 great ways to increase your relationship intimacy quotient:

  • Surprise your partner

A surprise is a great way to grow relationships. You can astound your partner with an unexpected gift, compliment or a physical gesture. The more frequently and nonchalantly you surprise your partner, the more intimate he/she is bound to feel with you. Surprises even serve as an icebreaker to newfound relationships. Well, keep your partner’s wishes, desires and expectations in mind before going on a surprise spree!

  • Take romantic vacations together

Giving up your routine and taking a romantic vacation together will not only clear your mind but help your partner to see you in new light. Take your partner to an exotic destination and see how he/she enjoys your company without having to worry about chores. You should plan surprise vacations and be frequent in such gestures as it will give them a chance to stay close to you, longer, improving your intimacy levels.

  • Maintain eye contact

While talking to your partner, it is important to have a direct eye contact. Look deeply into the eyes of your partner whenever you are having a conversation. This will boost your intimate connection with your partner. According to many scientific studies, a four-minute eye contact in silence can even spark intimacy between strangers and stimulate self-awareness. So, it’s sure that you will feel more connected when you talk with your lips and communicate via your eyes.

  • Go on impromptu dates

Not just outstation vacations, having an unplanned date can also boost intimacy. Take out time from your busy routine and spend some moments doing something together. It can be a casual lunch date, a shopping date, movie date or an intense dinner date, whatever suits you or your partner.

  • Work towards improving physical intimacy

Non-sexual doesn’t mean you cannot go physical. Touch is an effective way to boost intimacy. It can involve hugging, kissing, holding hands or some better ways of sparking visual stimulation like dressing in hot, sexy lingerie. You can check out online websites such as Kamuklife to search for revealing outfits such as baby dolls, teddies or intimate wears to add spice to your private life.

  • Share a friendly relationship with your partner

Emotional support and alignment is an important aspect of endowing someone with a sense of intimacy. To make your partner feel connected, be his/her best friends. Share your deepest secrets and most embarrassing tales with your partner. Celebrate together and share your fears and problems. Work things out together and see your relationship bloom.

  • Go out with family and friends

Show your partner that you are proud to have him/her in your life by showing off. Invite friends/family and go out with them more often to give your partner a sense of acknowledgement, appreciation and association. Also, when he/she knows your friends and family, you have more things to talk about and enjoy together.

  • Give some space

Though we are talking about bringing your partner close, it is important to reinstate here that you shouldn’t overdo anything. It is fine to give your partner some private time. Give him or her some time so that he can cherish the relationship and miss you. Missing will help you gain some brownie points and he/she will feel you are one of the most important parts of their lives.

  • Develop common hobbies and interest

It is important that you enjoy what your partner does and the vice versa. It can be anything such as reading, watching movies together, indulging in art and craft or adventure sports. But it is important that you find something that you cherish and love to do together. Work your way up to a point where you have a lot of common and interesting things and see how your relationship becomes more intimate.

  • Let your partner define

While it is important to find and share some common hobbies, it is a good idea to do something that your partner enjoys. Ask him/her about his passions, hobbies and interests and indulge in them with him/her. This will give you a chance to know better and take your relationship to the next level.

  • Communicate deeply

For a relationship to build and grow over time, it is important to communicate deeply and discuss everything. What are your goals, future plans and how you see yourself together is important. While it is a good idea to share your goals and dreams, it is equally important to share small problems and day-to-day things to take decisions collectively. Find some time out every day to talk to each other, which will definitely boost your intimacy quotient.


Now that you know what’s to be done, stop wasting time and start doing these things to strengthen your bond with your partner. And while you do, keep us posted by commenting and letting us know if something worked or not. Also, while you are here, take some time to browse our new range at Kamuklife.

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