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How travel boosts sexual libido & adds spark to your sex life?
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How travel boosts sexual libido & adds spark to your sex life?

It's no secret that couples that travel together, have great sex together! I mean, that’s why there are so many couple packages and that is what the concept of honeymoon is based around.
It doesn’t matter if you are newly married, or you started dating each other recently or it’s been a good deal of time that you have dated each other; you need some time off for yourself and to give some special attention to your relationship that it truly deserves.

Not only that, but travelling opens up your horizons, acclimatises you to various cultures, different people and gives you a well-deserving break. Travelling is not really for a person as an entity, but it is meant for the soul. It is meant for the soul to calm down.

And what better thing to do than plan with your beloved! The plus point here being, that its going to help improve your sex life manifolds.
The bottom line here being that you can keep the spark alive, well, with travel only!

Boost you sex drive

It is actually true that travelling with your partner can increase your sexual libido and make you more receptive to the idea of having sex with your partner. In fact, travel not only leads to an increase of sexual libido, but also helps you lose those extra kilos you’ve been meaning to lose for a long time and even gain your confidence back.

Gain new experiences together

That is what you both want to do, in the initial years of your life together- have new, enthralling experiences!
Travelling makes all this possible really fast.
Not only do you discover new places together; you have great experiences which make you happy. This increases the amount of serotonin secretion in your body and makes you feel happy with your partner.

Discover each other

If this is your first trip, you are going to love it!
Ladies, stock up on a lot of babydoll lingerie to woo your man and see how the spark comes right back into your lives! Great lingerie is known to turn on men since ages and is a fool-proof agent of boosting that libido when you are on the go.
Both of you can get to know each other; mentally, emotionally and sexually. This will increase mutual understanding and give you some o the best sex of your life. After all, communication is the key to success!

Try new things

You could go out for a candle light dinner and have really nice wine. Or you could cook meals for each other and surprise each other. Or you could go for couple spa or couple massages and have fun together. Or, if you choose to go for a beach holiday; you could tantalise your partner’s eyes by slipping into a really sexy pair of bikini and showing off them curves!
All these things are bound to make you both receptive towards each other and develop even more liking for each other. As a result, you can relieve all the sexual tension between you both and breathe a sigh of relief; quite literally!

Special arrangements

When you are out for a holiday with your beloved, you are more likely to ask people at the hotel you are staying at to arrange something really special for your partner. Not only this surprises people and makes them feel special, but it turns them on.
And all of this is good, as it helps build a great amount of sexual tension that you both can use to an advantage!


If you are someone who’s looking forward to travelling with their partner sometime soon, these tips at Kamuklife.com are all you need!

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4 tips to have great sex right from your first night
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4 tips to have great sex right from your first night

A lot of people would nod to the fact that this is a topic that should be discussed in hushed tones and behind closed doors. But most of the Indians, who are sceptical of their first night post their wedding are willing to talk about it in order to learn more about it.

A lot of people might not be sexually active when they get married and are saving themselves up for their ultimate soul mate. Now, the real talking begins when you have tied the knot, the vows have been read, the nuptials have been said and you are officially pronounced man and wife. After all the traditions and rituals that get over, you hit your bedroom where your spouse is waiting for you. But what next?!



Gear up for the D-day

Being a virgin and not being sexually active is not the worst thing that could happen to you. Its great that you want your first time to be special and with someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with. In fact, it makes perfect sense!

However, let’s not deviate from the topic that you need information. Sex education in India is a taboo and is restricted to flowers mating. So, you don’t know much about the male and female genitila until you enter the bedroom in a 25 kg wedding trousseau! No one knows how to remove that sexy lacy red hot bra without getting all awkward and weird.

Fret not, we’ll let you know the know-how of it all!

1.   Talk

This is one thing you are not supposed to skip. Talk to your partner before marriage, get to know them. Make sure they get to know you. Talk to them about their past experiences and don’t shy away from it.
Sex is just a normal need as any other and needs no frowning upon.
Talk to your partner about it before you step into the bedroom with a confused look.
Talk about what expectations you both have of each other and talk about if they are even practical or not.
Take notes of little things; figure out what they like and this could help you make the first night memorable for the both of you.
Not only will talking make you comfortable but it will ease things between you both.

2.   Wear sexy lingerie

Since you already are dressed in your wedding finery, there’s no point in taking time to dress for your partner because you already are shining with all that make up and jewellery.
However, you can pay attention to other important aspects of your appearance.
Make sure you are wearing the sexiest lingerie you can wear. Please take a note that it should be comfortable because it’s your wedding and you need to be standing in public for hours. Even then, wear  hot pair of lingerie in bold colours to turn him on. You want it to be baby doll or teddy lingerie is totally up to you.

3.   Pay attention to personal grooming

This actually goes unsaid.
When you are gearing up for your wedding day, you are getting yourself waxed and clean. Make sure you make it a Brazilian wax appointment for your genitilia to be clean and up & ready to receive some action! You could trim your body hair for a more enhanced experience.
Personal grooming should not be unforeseen.

4.   Make a mood

Yes, there is an overtly decorated bed and no, it’s not enough. The fact that there are rose petals on the bed that could get into some really weird parts of your body is not a cool idea.

Alternately, you could set the mood in the bedroom in a lot of different ways.
You could light T-light candles in different corners for a special effect. You definitely should spray room freshener in all parts of the room and in fact put potpourri in a bowl for freshness.
Put out the good bed sheets for the bed to look inviting and fill it with throw pillows. Also, you could set slow music for your partner to get into the groove of it.


If you are getting married in a few days or know someone who is tying the knot, you should visit Kamuklife.com for the best keys to great sex life!

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The Most Romantic & Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in Asia
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The Most Romantic & Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

Asia is not only the biggest continent on the face of the earth, but also has the best romantic destinations. From wallet friendly honeymoon destinations to ultra-luxurious honeymoon packages you’ll find almost everything to suit your desire on this continent.

If you are looking to spend a good time with your partner, but the budget is the only thing that holds you back, here is an opportunity for you to visit one of the scenic Asian honeymoon destinations on a budget.


Conservative Budget Honeymoon Destinations in Asia [1 lacs or less]


1. Vietnam – A cultural extravaganza with nature’s abundance


Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country best known for its wonderful tranquil beaches, gushing rivers, and bustling cities. There is so much to explore in the country as you take a trip to one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget.

Things to do: As a honeymoon couple, you can really enjoy your best moments together here in Vietnam. Some of the best things to do in Vietnam include eating out Vietnamese noodles in a restaurant, cruising in Mekong Delta, Crawling via cu chi tunnels or undertake a kayaking or biking trip with the locals.

  • Duration: 5 Nights 6 days
  • Package cost (Couple): INR 95,000 and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 30,857
  • Land package: INR 33,000
  • When to visit: Between September- December.
  • Visa: Visa is required; may be obtained on arrival if prior Online approval has been obtained through a travel agency


2. Cambodia – Bewitching with its historical and legendary architecture


Cambodia is another wonderful honeymoon destination in Asia which helps young couples escape the world and to enjoy their new life in their budget. This is one of cheap honeymoon destinations in the world where you can get the most out of every penny spent, the natural beauty and heritage beauty act as magnets for people around the world.

Things to do: If you want to explore a new sort of nature, this place is a perfect one for you to spend the best moments of your life together. Cambodia offers you a scenic view of lots of enthralling lakes, Angkor Wat Complex, The Bayon and much more.


  • Duration: 5 Nights and 6 Days
  • Package cost: INR 90,000 and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 32,620
  • Land package: INR 33,000
  • When to visit: October to May
  • Visa: Visa on arrival for 30 days


3. Sri Lanka – Pulling honeymooners with its beaches, highlands, and glittering skyline


Sri Lanka is a beautiful little island nation popular budget honeymoon destination in Asia. The rocky land consists of rainforest, wildlife and incessant yet wonderful beaches making for a relaxing and rejuvenating honeymoon spot.


Things to do: Sri Lanka’s highest mountain named Adam’s Peak and lots of colourful, serene and endless beaches is one of the major attractions amongst the newly married couples.


  • Duration: 6 Days/ 5 nights
  • Package cost (couple): INR 90,000 and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 22,267
  • Land package(couple): INR 30,000
  • When to visit: Best time to visit west and south coast in Sri Lanka – December to March and best weather conditions on the east coast is from- April or May to September.
  • Visa: Electronic Travel Authorization for 30 days.



4. Laos – A less-traveled beautiful path


Laos is truly considered as one of the most colourful honeymoon destinations in Asia. It is a must visit destination in Asia for the love birds after their marriage where they can happily enjoy their new day of life with full excitement and splendour.

Things to do: With truly gracious residents, Laos, a wonderful destination is combined with impressive Buddhist temples and shrines, lots of places of interest and mysterious heritage sites as well. It is an idyllic honeymoon getaway for the culture lovers.


  • Duration: 6 Night and 7 Days
  • Package cost (Couple): INR 90,000 and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 32,500
  • Land package: INR 30,000
  • When to visit: All the year round
  • Visa: Visa on arrival for 30 days



5. Thailand – Prepare for stunning beaches, nightlife, luxury, and lush hills


Thailand is a fun-loving, unusual, tropical, refined and historic budget honeymoon destination in Asia. With many islands and exotic experiences to choose from, Thailand will certainly not going to burn a hole in your pocket as this one is among the cheap honeymoon destinations in the world.

Things to do: Visiting a grand palace in Thailand can really make a couple feel amazing. For the bugs and insects lover, Thailand is a place for them! Water sports are a must for the newly marrieds to explore and don’t forget to relax on some of the best and pristine Thai beaches for a laidback and comfortable honeymoon time.

  • Duration: 6 Days/ 5 nights
  • Package cost (Couple): INR 80,000 and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 19,784
  • Land package (Couple): INR 35,000
  • When to visit: July to October- Rainy Season and November to February- Coolest times.
  • Visa: Visa on arrival is available (Visa fee of 1000 Thai Baht needs to be paid in Thai currency)


Mid-Range Honeymoon Destinations in Asia [2 lacs – 1 lacs]


6. Maldives – A luxurious tropical honeymoon awaits here


Maldives is your very own Caribbean honeymoon destination in Asia which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The sea water is crystal clear for you to indulge in some private swimming with your love. This Asian destination is the perfect choice if you are looking to escape from the world with your partner.

Things to do: Hukuru Miskiiy, an ancient mosque Male’ is a perfect place to experience the culture of Maldives. Laze away your romantic days on a hammock with your love and dive into the clear waters for some underwater adventures.


  • Duration: 3 nights and 4 days.
  • Package cost (Couple): 1.3 lacs and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 30,139
  • Land Package: INR 70,000
  • When to visit: April to November with rain showers to spice up your experience
  • Visa: Visa on Arrival is available in Maldives



7. Turkey – European gem with Persian influence


Turkey is another wonderful and must visit honeymoon destination in Asia with a leg on each side of Eastern Europe and the Western Asia. With lots of cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Turkey is an amazing cultural retreat to newly weds.

Things to do: In order to spend your honeymoon in Turkey and make it as a memorable one, plan a stay in the romantic cave resorts in Cappadocia. Don’t miss the heavenly couples spas and indulge in a steam bath together at the local thermal pools. A hot air balloon ride is a must to witness the country with your love.

  • Duration: 7 Days 6 nights
  • Package cost: 1.9 lacs and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 41,864
  • Land package: 1 lac
  • When to visit: Turkey has a flexible weather. But August to November are advised.
  • Visa: Visa required


8. Hong Kong – Mesmerizing you with its inspiring skyline and entertainment options


Hong Kong is made up of multiple islands that are separated by only a few miles. Unlike other Asian cities, Hong Kong city is vibrant and lively in terms of cityscape and lifestyle. The city also offers various adventures for the newlyweds.

Things to do: the Victoria peak has an awe chilling view that can blow away you and your partner. The Stars light show is also a must to experience. The ocean park is a fine romantic spot where you get to walk with your partner in the background of gigantic aquariums. Nan Lian garden is yet another exotic spot filled with various flowers brought from different parts of the world.

  • Duration: 3 nights and 4 days.
  • Package cost: 1.5 lacs and above.
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 27,167
  • Land package: INR 30,000 per couple.
  • When to visit: October and December


  • Visa: Visa on arrival


9. Taiwan – Small island with hot spring resorts and iconic cities


Taiwan is another small island known as an attractive honeymoon destination in Asia, consisting of modern cities, hot springs resorts and a lot of dramatic mountainous landscapes.

Things to do: Known for its eventful night markets like Miaokou market, Taiwan has a lot to offer for street food loving couples and compulsive shoppers (especially your wives). You could plan an adventurous honeymoon while trekking and hiking at Yushan Peaks or spending a day walking under the sun at the Trails of Toroko Gorge with your partner.


  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Package cost: 1.5 lacs and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 41,113
  • Land package: INR 30,000
  • When to visit: Being a humid destination, you are required to check all the weather conditions before planning to travel there.
  • Visa: Visa Required


10. Malaysia – Diverse cultural scenario with modern cities and unperturbed nature


Malaysia is known to offer two very unique experiences – the Malaysian Peninsula which is a distinct blend of Indian, Chinese and Malay flavours and the Borneo, which is an island shared with Brunei and Indonesia. It is one of the best budget honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Things to do: World’s tallest twin tower, the Petronas Twin Towers is one of the major attractions in Malaysia. The middle of the towers has the sky bridge which takes 41 seconds to reach and as a couple you can try to buy out tickets for a top of the world experience.


  • Duration: 5 days and 6 nights
  • Package cost: INR 1.10 lacs and above
  • Airfare(Round trip/person): INR 31,150
  • Land package: INR 35,000 to 40,000
  • When to visit: Malaysia has conducive climate and with tropical climate, a holiday in Malaysia can be undertaken throughout the year. But make sure you avoid the months of rain from November to February.
  • Visa: Visa on Arrival provided



For more destinations, read here. Article originally appeared on Traveltriangle.com.


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The perfect end to a special day: A passionate & Wild Night

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5 health benefits of having an active sexual life
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5 health benefits of having an active sexual life

Too often, we underestimate the power of small things that can impact our lives immensely. We think of these things as so small; they are insignificant to us.

And when it comes to getting intimate with your partner; its almost a chore to you. You feel like it is a necessary responsibility entrusted on you; when it is not so.

Sexual relations with your partner are essential to maintain the intimacy and love in your relationship; but it is also essential for you, on a personal level. Most often, people don’t realise that sex is a physical activity that has effects on the body. And these effects are all positive. Period.

If you are someone who shies away from slipping into sexy lingerie for her partner just because you think the task is mundane; think again!

Hot sex for good health

It might come as a surprise to most women, but having an active sex life is actually very healthy. Definitely for your partner, but also for you. Not only does sex make you feel good and confident about yourself, it makes has affirmative impact on your body.

And if you wonder where that entire glow comes from when you wake up in the morning after sex, you are right; sex!

Having sex 3-4 times a week is considered to be one of the healthiest activities partners can engage in. It burns calories (yass!) and can be made fun in all sorts of ways! Not to mention, this will keep the spark alive in your relationship for a very long time!

Some benefits you are about to endure if you have an active sex life are: -

1.   Healthy heart & healthy body

Sure, the love between you two will not die out when you have lots of steamy sex; but your heart will stay healthy; quite literally. Sexual intercourse is basically a physical activity, an exercise of sorts and keeps the heart healthy, in addition to keeping all the hormones in check.
In fact, if you have sex at least twice a week, you have 45% less chance of developing any heart related problems.
And so, with this your body stays healthy and less prone to lifestyle diseases.

2.   Boost your sleep

This is actually a no-brainer. After a strenuous physical activity such as sex, you are bound to be tired. Your body demands rest after all the heart-pumping sex you’ve been having and so, you sleep better.
A healthy sex life will let you have a good sleep, where you sleep like a baby.
Also, the hormones released during sex promote sleep. That is why people doze off quickly after sex.

3.   Great, younger looking skin

For all the women out there; sex can help you get great skin! All the hormones that are released during sex (including Oxytocin) make your skin glow and make your face look brighter.
Because of sexual satisfaction too, the skin looks happy and new; which makes you look younger!

How easy can it be; getting into a pair of babydoll lingerie and having the best sex of your life; in addition to make your skin look great!

4.   Release stress

Oxytocin, also called the ‘love hormone’ is a feel-good chemical that puts any person in a breezy mood in an instant. During stress, oxytocin is released in huge quantities. This makes the person feel blissful and content. As a result of this, a person is less likely to be stressed about things.

5.   Get the spark back into your life

This is perhaps the best thing sex gives you, as a couple- a spark in your relationship. This is the ultimate key to revive any relationship, put the zeal back into it and connect on an intimate level.

With so many health benefits, why miss out on hot sex with your partner? Visit www.kamuklife.com for more! 

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How to overcome your inhibitions & amaze your partner with your sex appeal?
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How to overcome your inhibitions & amaze your partner with your sex appeal?

When going out for your honeymoon, you can break the ice casually and shed all your inhibitions and surprise them with your sex appeal.
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What to look in a resort while planning a holiday with your loved one?
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What to look in a resort while planning a holiday with your loved one?

It doesn’t matter if you are going for your honeymoon or your first holiday with your partner or just need to spend some quality time with your partner and need to get away from your daily lives. What matters is companionship and togetherness. So no matter what the situation is when you decide to take a holiday; the only thing that matters is a consensus between both the partners.
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Messiah of Adult Romance & Founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner Dies at 91
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Messiah of Adult Romance & Founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

Termed as one of the most sexually romantic men alive on the planet, Hugh Hefner passed away earlier in the day at his home in Los Angeles due to natural causes. Founder of the internationally famous Adult Magazine, Playboy, Hugh Hefner created one of the most recognizable brands in the world and was also the proponent of an exceptionally lavish and sexually-active lifestyle.

News source: BBC| Photo Source: Playboy Twitter Handle

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5 ways to be a healthy performer in the bedroom

If you want to be a good performer in the bed, you need to take the help of new tricks and schemes to be able to woo your partner. Know some of the tricks that will make your partner skip a breath in bed, quite literally so!
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