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About Us

Kamuk in Hindi stands for erotic. It’s time to reclaim and rediscover the erotic passion inyour bored and stressful life.

It is normal for couples to feel that their love life has become somewhat lifeless after
several years together. The flame that once burnt brightly often begins to smolder when one
or both partners are not feeling sexually fulfilled.

Now you can reignite the flame and feel erotic as Kamuk Life brings to you the sexiest
collection of lingerie and role play costumes. Kamuk lIfe can help you emerge as a
Passionate Lover. A romantic person at heart may be left thirsty for sex, if not attended with
same intensity. Kamuk Life can help you quench this thirst of love and lust.
All the collection that you see here has been designed by our designers using some of the
best materials, which after thorough Quality inspection is delivered at your doorstep. So
what are you waiting for?

Kamuk life has a vast and vivid collection of lingerie that can help you woo your partner.
Sometimes, all you need is a steamy and a kinky look, to turn on the heat in your bedroom. And
Kamuk Life is just the best choice to soar the temperature of your room and your partner’s

KamukLife brings to you a collection of the most inviting, stimulating and seductive lingerie. The
quality and hygiene of the collection is the top priority of our company. Hence, every piece goes
through the ozone treatment.

Breaking the convention, Kamuk Life also has a wide range of lingerie for men. Bursting the
myth that only woman has to woo her man.